Ashwood Vale

The Return

Long ago a terrible thing happened, the end of the world…


This unfortunate event happened when dragons, demons, angels and devils returned to the world. Necromancers summoned hoards of undead servants. Cities and castles were destroyed and the world degenerated into chaos.

Decades of war passed before small hamlets of safety were established and small communities could once again hold out against onslaught. Still more decades passed before these communities could grow and prosper under the protection of brave heroes. Eventually the ever raging wars settled into a simmering peace. Leaving the world a dangerous place where death is an everyday concern.

It is in this atmosphere that the Kingdom of Ashwood Vale struggles to assert itself and assure the well-being of its people. The kingdom sits on the knife’s edge of disaster with an ever growing population needing more room to expand and the constant dangers from an untamed wilderness.


Good story! Reminds me of a job I once had as a distraction. I was paid good money to just create a bit of chaos. It turns out I have a knack for it. By the end, there was a town guard captain, a priest of Ellyrium, a gnomish cobbler, and an army of ant men involved. I’m still not sure how things escalated that badly.
What is worse is that due to the calamity, the people who hired me were unable to complete their job. I never got the second half of my pay, though I did get a good amount of time in prison.


The Return

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