Jon the Fisherman

Like a Fish Out of Water


Jon is of medium height and has a dusky complexion. He wears a single breast plate and an exotic style of leather vambraces and leather skirt. Strapped around his waist are two gladiuses.


Little is know about Jon before he came to Ashwood Vale but it is generally agreed that Jon is from a very long ways away. Both his accent and fighting style lend weight to this conclusion, however it is impossible to know for sure where he is from since when Jon is asked he responds in the typically evasive and general manor of “Not from here”.
A story goes that when Jon first appeared in the city a few of the guards made several comments about Jon’s choice of apparel. Making an observation that Jon was the only man in the city that had decided to dress like a woman. The next thing that many of those guards remembered was waking up in the barracks three days later with splitting headaches. Jon was given a choice of serving 30 years hard labor in the royal quarry or to serve 10 years in the King’s guards.

Eventually Jon was promoted and joined the Royal Stakers.

Jon the Fisherman

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