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  • The Goblin Kidnappers and the Tower of Puzniac

    h3. ...as written by Darskur... After an investigation into a fraudulent case of Ogreidophilus _(merely a case of benign localized gigantism. It has lots of the same symptoms)_ and a successful job as an interior decorator _(redecorating the interior …

  • The Crystal Ball



    *Amidst chanting; a crystal ball on a purple satin cloth fills with mist. Soon the chanting stops …

  • Home Page

    h1. Ash Wood Vale

    h3. *Population:* 11,000ish *Ruler:* Lord Rikker Swiftblade

    h4. *Main Features:* Forests & Rolling Hills 6 Freehold Settlements 3 Fortified Trading Outposts Stonefist Mines (Iron) Kakorit Thuma Lodge (11)

  • Main Page

    h1. Halls of Lore h4. [[Places | Places]] h4. [[Families|Families]] h4. [[History | History]] h4. [[The Old Gods| The Old Gods]]

  • Places

    h3. *Cities* AshWood Vale Keep h3. *Trading Outposts* Swiftwater Ferry Stone Bridge Kagen's Burrow h3. *Settlements* Westwood Houge Vermina Shady Glen Monastery Lensford Cinderfell

    Back to [[Main Page …

  • Families

    h1. *Noble Families of Ash wood Vale*

    h2. *Terms* *Peer:* A noble with a landholding hereditary title *Peer Titles:* King, Duke, Prince, Marquis, Count, Viscount, Baron (_non-Landholding_) *Non-Peer Titles:* Baronet, Knight, Esquire * …

  • History

    h2. *The First Proclamation*

    h5. _By right of deed and birth I, William Lightblade first of that name, do claim ruler ship over these lands known as Ashwood vale, and having claimed them do establish these rules of law to be binding on all persons …

  • The Old Gods

    !(media-item-align-right)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/34423/Family_Tree_Small_Size.JPG(Family tree small size)! h6. The Old Gods are headed by the combined deity Ceor-Lilinn. The pantheon focuses on generations. The further down on the …

  • Darskur Christopherson

    Exceptionally young for a dwarf, Darskur most likely was kicked out of his clan for some idiotic mistake or just for being a bit of an annoyance. Prone to telling stories about "a job he once had" but on the whole friendly, helpful, and good with a …

  • Kern the Fletcher

    Until two years ago Kern lived in a small village just outside of Houge. Then a goblin raid ended in the predictably tragic result of his family, friends and home being destroyed.

    Soon after Kern joined the royal guard and distinguished himself as …

  • Jon the Fisherman

    Little is know about Jon before he came to Ashwood Vale but it is generally agreed that Jon is from a very long ways away. Both his accent and fighting style lend weight to this conclusion, however it is impossible to know for sure where he is from since …

  • Sil Sanrell

    Sil stands remarkably straight for a man that spent most if of his life hunched over books. Most of his adolescent and adult life has been spent in the service of the Chancellor of Ashwood Vale as scribe, apprentice, journeymen and now as a mage of the …

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