Noble Families of Ash wood Vale


Peer: A noble with a landholding hereditary title
Peer Titles: King, Duke, Prince, Marquis, Count, Viscount, Baron (non-Landholding)
Non-Peer Titles: Baronet, Knight, Esquire
Freemen: Commonly called peasants, are people that are not bound the land
Serf: Serfs are bound to the fields that they were born in and are considered property of the lord of the holding.


Position: Sovereign Ruling Family
Colors & Device: Gold & Blue, Halved gold over blue separated by a sword over a crown
Estate: Ash Wood Vale
King Rikker Swiftblade (Age 38)
Queen Natiia Swiftblad (Age 34)
Crown Prince Rustifar Swiftblade (Heir Apparent, Age 18)
Lord Rast Swiftblade (Archduke of the Vale, Age 14)
Princess Madrigal Swiftblade (Betrothed to Narayan Tilus, Age 20)
Baron Migule Daemundan (Age 21)


Position: Peer of the realm, Duke
Colors & Device: Red & Orange, Rampant red dragon on a field of orange
Estate: Stone Bridge
Lord William Wyrmbane IX (Duke of Fen-Farin, Age 61)
Lady Solitude Wyrmbane (TallAshe, Deceased)
Marquis William Wyrmbane X (Marquis of Stone Bridge, Age 40)
Countess Tamra Wyrmbane (Age 38)
Countess Gretchen Wyrmbane (Age 32)


Position: Peer of the realm, Duke
Colors & Device: Black & White, Quartered with three Ravens in top left
Estate: Swiftwater Ferry
Lord Tarken Blackbrook (Duke of River Wood, Age 50)
Lady Fluvia Blackbrook (Age 54)
Marquis Allen Blackbrook (Marquis of Swiftwater Ferry, Age 26)
Count Byron Blackbrook IV
Count Liam Black Brook (Age 24)


Position: Peer of the realm, Duke
Colors & Device: Gold & White, Blazing golden sun on a field of white
Estate: Kagen’s Barrow
Lord Dyvas (Duke of Stone-Tyrrie, Count of Kagen’s Barrow, Age 15)
Lady Mother Desdemona Lightbringer-Kaftan (Age 34)


Position: Peer of the realm, Marquis, Vassal of the Archduke of Ash Wood Vale
Colors & Device: Black & Blue, Black field with a diagonal stripe of blue
Estate: Houge
Lord Narayan Tilus (Marquis of Houge, Age 25)
Viscount Erik Tilus (Age 21)
Vidame Bess Tilus (Age 18)


Position: Peer of the realm, Count, Vassal of the Duke of Fen-Farin
Colors & Device: Green & Silver, Silver field with green tree
Estate: Vermina
Lord Pairs TallAshe (Count of Vermina, Age 52)
Lady Tira TallAshe (Age 45)
Viscount Edward TallAshe (Age 28)
Viscount Faerus TallAshe (Age 20)
Visdame Yuvone TallAshe (Age 18)


Position: Peer of the realm, Viscount, Vassal of the Duke of Stone-Tyrrie
Colors & Device: Brown & Orange, 5 orange arrows on a brown field
Estate: Westwood
Lord Bernard Bowbender (Viscount of Westwood, Age 34)
Lady Moraine Bowbender (Age 30)
Baron Rymond Bowbender (Age 12)
Baroness Harmony Bowbender (Age 11)
Baron Trevymon Bowbender (Age 8)


Position: Peer of the realm, Viscount, Vassal of the Duke of Stone-Tyrrie
Colors & Device: Purple & Blue, Checkered with a rearing stallion
Estate: Lensford
Lord Ellison Brightlance (Viscount of Westwood, Age 44)
Lady Lynn Brightlance (Age 40)
Barron Hansel Brightlance (Age 8)
Baroness Wynn Brightlance (Age 21)
Baroness Gail Brightlance (Age 18)
Baroness Sara Brightlance (Age 16)
Baroness Clara Brightlance (Age 14)


Position: Peer of the realm, Viscount, Vassal of the Duke of River Wood
Colors & Device: Black & Red, Black tower burning on a green field
Estate: Cinderfell
Lord Victor Hemlock (Viscount of Cinder, Age 30)
Lady Lenore Hemlock (Age 30)
Baroness Victoria Hemlock (Age 12)
Baroness Helen Hemlock (Age 10)

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