The First Proclamation

By right of deed and birth I, William Lightblade first of that name, do claim ruler ship over these lands known as Ashwood vale, and having claimed them do establish these rules of law to be binding on all persons, and peoples therein. These laws shall be maintained by the king’s chancellor, administered by the king’s magistrate, and enforced by the Lord Marshall. These rules must issue from royal proclamation. Once proclaimed and recorded only unanimous agreement of the grand council, which shall be made of the three highest-ranking lords of the kingdom, the royal magistrate, the King’ s chancellor, the Lord Marshall, can modify or repeal them.


The Three Proclamation of Tristan the Consolidator

Failure to show proper respect by a Freeman to a member of the peerage is punishable by up to 30 lashes in the Public Square and 3 days in the stockade. In addition any Freeman found to have contributed directly or indirectly in any action that causes harm to a person of the peerage or to the authority of that assembly are subject to arrest and punishment as deemed appropriate by a tribunal of no less than three peers.

No Freeman shall bear a blade longer than the forearms of the king save for those necessary for use in agriculture and forestry, except under the expressed service of their liege lord as provider by writ or decree. Violators shall be subject to no less than 5-year imprisonment of hard labor and no more than 15 years.

No Freeman shall harm or threaten to harm a member of the peerage upon pain of death.


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