Ashwood Vale

The Goblin Kidnappers and the Tower of Puzniac written by Darskur....

…as written by Darskur…

After an investigation into a fraudulent case of Ogreidophilus (merely a case of benign localized gigantism. It has lots of the same symptoms) and a successful job as an interior decorator (redecorating the interior of some bandits) we found ourselves investigating the mysterious disappearance of some local children. After following goblin tracks for several leagues from the sight of the disappearance we found ourselves deep in the forest. Here we were accosted by numerous enemies, including very large steam powered spiders that smoked (la da da da da).

Having easily vanquished any enemy in our way, our moral was sailing higher than my crazy uncles model hot air balloons. We located the cave in which the scoundrels had taken the progeny. A hearty battle ensued, and we were cut off from our monk (I later found out that she had been rather horizontal at the time) and I, protecting the archer in a manner highly tactical, was smashed across the face and lost consciousness.

When I awoke I was being cared for by one of those tall hairless human types. He identified himself as Fletcher the Colonel (military background apparently) and that he was here to help us. From there, we recovered (we had all taken quite a bruising) and continued our assault. Fortunately, we found little resistance from a man who forgot his armor at home (he had some arrows sprout suddenly from his back) and some mechanical spiders (again) that were forcing the children to excavate a lost tower.

Now at this point, I would like to make it clear that there were no dwarven children in the group which was fortunate for them, as a single dwarven youth would have excavated the entire tower and even done some repair work to the structure in the time that it would have taken those poor human children just to see the first piece of worked stone, and with the work done so quickly, I am sure they would have done away with all the wee brats.

Anyway, we took the children back to the city, restocked, hired some henchmen to act as bait, and went back out to see this tower for ourselves….




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